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Featuring Paul Rome, CEO of Paul Rome and Associates on A/R Management. Interviewed by Harvey Gross, Executive Director of NYIC.

"Harvey, I want to congratulate you on a great job with the on line interview with Paul Rome. It was very well done and provided useful information I these troubled times." 

– Paul Petrov, PAS Group Ltd., LLC

"We are in a war with the Corona Virus as an enemy, as in other horrific events in our lifetime, (Wars in Vietnam – Iraq – Afghanistan, 9/11, Tornados, Hurricanes, and mass shootings in schools, churches, etc.) our hardest challenge will be the return to normality. This will not happen overnight, within a week, within a month and perhaps not within a year. The many businesses that have closed, the number of individuals filing for unemployment, the fear for individuals to gather in places like stadiums, public transportation, theatres, office buildings, etc. will be with us for quite a while.

The road to normality in the business world must be done through cooperation and understanding between lenders, borrowers, employees, lawyers, accountants, consultants, property owners, politicians, insurance agents,etc. We must now embrace the technology tools at our disposal to share all viewpoints. The interviews that will be conducted by the New York Institute of Credit will hopefully facilitate the return to normality in the business world. I was honored to be selected as the first interviewee and know that the others selected will share this theme."

– Paul Rome, Paul Rome and Associates LLC


Featuring Kevin Gillespie & Lou Barone on Banking & Finance during COVID-19 Crisis

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