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Being a member of NYIC comes with some great perks! See offers from some of our annual supporters!

Offer from Silver Member, Atwell, Curtis & Brooks Ltd.

Comprehensive Credit Reports [CCR]

Credit International is pleased to offer our Comprehensive Credit Reports on retailers across the USA to New York Institute of Credit members at discounted pricing.

Our Comprehensive Credit Reports provides you with all the necessary information to make quick and accurate credit decisions including:

  • Company background information
  • Financial summaries and details
  • Trade information
  • Public filings and perhaps most valuable
  • Our current credit recommendation.

With business conditions changing daily in these difficult and unprecedented times, we have the ability to increase your company's sales while protecting your profits. Our first-hand knowledge of all market activity keeps our information completely current and up to date. As the retail industry continues to face enormous challenges, Credit International will be on top of all changes, news and trends, and will be reporting them to our clients.

Contact for more information or to take advantage of this offer:

Marc Rosenberg
President -Chicago Division Credit International
800-816-8029 Telephone
516-706-7800 Fax